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The Law will go out from Zion, the word of the LORD from Jerusalem (Isaiah 2:3).
A Hebraic Perspective of the Kingdom of God.
Learn God’s Word with us!

Messianic Biblical Teaching

Israel is “A Light for the Nations” (Isaiah 49:6). Join us and receive Biblical lessons from Mt. Carmel in Israel straight to your laptop!

Systematic Approaches

Let us read the Scriptures in a deeper way, and build a closer, more personal relationship with the LORD.

Learn as Individuals or Small Groups

You are not alone learning to walk on the LORD’s path. We are open to discussion facilitating the building of each other up.

A Comprehensive Series of Messianic Biblical Online Courses

Put on Hebrew glasses, let us learn together about God’s Words, wherever and whenever you want!

USD 30.00 (NTD 870)

Israel, the Apple of His Eye

💻This course will provide a Biblical understanding of God’s connection between the Jewish people and the nations....

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USD 25.00 (NTD 725)


💻A biblical basis for understanding our calling and mission in the modern world. Can believers influence society?

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USD 20.00 (NTD 580)

God’s Covenant with Israel

💻In this 4-session course, we will study God’s covenants with Abraham, Israel at Mount Sinai and David....

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Learning Bible with Messianic Glasses

A comprehensive range of online Biblical teachings, straight from Mount Carmel, Israel to your laptop or even your smartphone!

Andrey Teplinsky- Founder & CEO

Carmel Streams ministry is a bridge between global learners and Israel. It is dedicated and full of passion!

Carmel Streams Learning is committed to providing materials and courses, online and offline, on the messianic biblical view of Israel as well as a comprehensive biblical approach to issues in current events.

Our goal is to build friendships with global learners and bring understanding of Israeli history, geography, and her role in the modern world. Furthermore, we expect to inspire Christian and Messianic students to be enlightened by God’s Word, empowered by His wisdom, and strengthened to fulfill their callings in this modern society, no matter which country they are from.

We want to equip people with a Biblical view on political, economic, and social areas applicable to everyday life. Since its foundation in 2013, Carmel Streams conducted seminars, conferences, and small group studies internationally. Throughout the years, these consistently offered great opportunities for those who attend to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of the land of Israel, as well as great opportunities to grow valuable friendships.

In 2020, we switched gears and started to develop this online biblical messianic teaching platform: Through Carmel Streams Learning Group, we challenge you to see the Bible with a Hebraic view and let God give you a new perspective with a renewal of the mind, learning God’s Word together with us.


What Our Students Have to Say

Stacie/ USA

Israel, the Apple of His Eye; Influence

Learning the story of Israel from after Bible times until now and seeing how the church has hurt them by denying their position in God’s eyes and trying to replace them in that position caused me to understand why they are not very responsive to the gospel and that I need to affirm and learn from my Jewish friends instead of hoping they will learn from me.

I also got excited about being able to see from the scriptures the future of Israel and other Middle-eastern countries because I could pray in the right direction and maybe get to see those things come to pass. Learning about God’s feasts in the Bible also opened my eyes to see God’s laid out plan from the start so now I think they are very important even to me and not just to the people back then.

I also got to take the “Influence” course and learned how problems and unmet needs in the community aren’t just the government’s responsibility or even church ministry’s responsibility, but can also be dealt with using small business and how discipleship doesn’t just happen in church, but also needs to be done at work helping others get to where we are. I get to talk to many young people in my work and I think this is great stuff to pass on to them as well as making me think and pray seriously about my own future as this course caused me to start to have some ideas.

Helen/ Hong Kong

Israel, the Apple of His Eye.

Andrey ‘s class is unique to link up the big picture of God’s plan through the linkage between OT and NT scriptures. I am touched when reading Gen19:12 “Now I know” to see God is pleased to know our response of obedience through our freewill even though He is ALL knowing God. 

I love the way Andrey explained the “historical, spiritual, prophetic” significance of 7 Jerusalem feasts which enrich my understanding of God’s beautiful redemption plan and God’s heart for our reconciliation. This helps me to appreciate the orderly and caring heart of our heavenly Father. History speaks and reveals our future. This give me courage and comfort when still on earth facing all unfair and chao world.

Jonathan/ Indonesia

Israel, the Apple of His Eye; Influence

Initially I was inspired after reading Andrey’s book “Israel, the Apple of His Eye”. No sooner, I decided to join this online class. Frankly, I needed finance provision for the class fee, but by faith I still signed up the class. 1 week before it started, I got a part-time job offering, the income of which just covered the total class fee. The LORD really prepared! It was a journey of blessing!

We read together many verses I was familiar with, but in the class these Words came to life and further helped me see how the LORD’s Words fit together in the Bible. The take-away time with all students during the online class, is also a great experience of iron-sharpen-iron and brought much encouragement!

Ariel/ USA


My perspective on what ministry looks like outside of the four walls of the church definitely changed after taking the course.  Even though I believed that as Christians we should be a light to others in our sphere of influence, I didn’t know how to apply that concept in my workplace.

Now I realize that our obedience can create opportunity for those around us, and they can be extension of the Kingdom of God in place in our life.  In the start of my own business, I now place more value on networking and how I can incorporate the ideas of others to further the vision God has placed on my heart.

Venus/ Taiwan


I love the positive attitude of our lecturer Andrey, who has a multi-cultural background and is always well-prepared in each lesson. He makes good use of the take-away time to make sure students learn something new, and have our questions answered. I am very much encourage throughout the course!

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