Zoom Class- God’s Covenant with Israel

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💻 Covenants are the backbone of biblical history, advancing the storyline of the Bible. When we see how covenants function in the Bible, we have a good grasp of how the Bible fits together.

In this 4-session course, we will study God’s covenant with Abraham, Israel at Mount Sinai and David, and the New Covenant. This systematic approach will help us better understand God’s plan of Redemption by Yeshua the Messiah and gives a powerful insight into God’s character.

🎯Course themes:

  • God’s Covenant with Abraham
  • God’s Covenant with Israel at Mount Sainai
  • God’s Covenant with David
  • Israel and the New Covenant

🙋‍ In each course there will be time for small group discussion and take-away.
      Not only the teacher’s voice is heard but also the learners.
      Let’s walk together in the journey of learning God’s Word!
🔔 Class starts once a small group is formed.
      Class time depends on time zones.
🎁The 1st class Free of Charge!
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