✨ Post Report- 2021 Mar. 20- Online Seminar| Meeting @ Taiwan

🌉 Carmel Streams Ministry connected Taiwan believers through the internet and shared the teaching from Mt. Carmel to Taichung city- the center of Taiwan.
The seminar ended smoothly in the unity between Messianic and Christian believers.

💖 Throughout the talks, believers from Taiwan showed incredible humility and enthusiasm.
As the talks covered much information including the Restoration of Israel, One New Man, and the Root of Anti-Semitism,
many were taking notes and asking insightful questions.

🔥 These message ignited a deeper hunger to care for Israel and the Jewish body of the Messiah.
😊Look forward to learning together again in Taiwan!

✨ A special thank you to EP Bookstore’s support!
In the seminar, we found some bookstore customers were also listening to the teaching from Israel!
Praise the LORD, we brought Ekklesia into the community.
May the LORD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob draw everyone closer to Him!

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